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Bulletins Of India (BOI) publishes fact-based latest news updates on media platforms with a mission to build an acknowledged society. Bulletins Of Media Journalists and reporters are committed to bringing the best findings and constitutional analysis of the latest happenings in the politics, agriculture, business, media, technology, sports, research and science frontiers, etc.

Bulletins Of India publishers are committed to the truth, verified, and transparent news publishing in the media.


Bulletins Of India (BOI) leads in the surveys in deeper most rural areas in the country in a quest to report the actual implementation status of Government and related agencies, people, welfare schemes. Bulletins Of India reporters are committed to ethical, responsible analysis and reporting of the surveys for authorities, using modern Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies.


Bulletins of India (BOI) reporters have a mission "To transform Media for the World" with their on-ground reporting and journalism. Bulletins Of India reports on travel, culture, across the world, cinema, weather with an approach to present the future of mankind to the audience.

Bulletins of India is committed to impartial and constitutional journalism.

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