Naamkaran spoiler alert: Neil-DD suspicious as Avni got kidnapped by mysterious man Upcoming Twist

Monday, September 11 2017
Naamkaran spoiler alert: Neil-DD suspicious as Avni got kidnapped by mysterious man

Naamkaran: Dayavanti blackmailed Ali (Gautam Vig), Avni turned jagga jasoos

Star Plus most popular daily soap Naamkaran will showcase more exciting twist and turns in upcoming tracks.

It was earlier reported that Ali has given false statement as per Dayavanti’s instructions.

As Dayavanti has blackmailed Ali over Avni’s life to take entire blame on himself.

However, Avni still knows that Ali is innocent and he is doing all this with some pressure.

Later Avni will rushes as she thinks that Ali is in some problem.

Neil (Zain Imam) scolds DD, wonders whether Avni got kidnapped

Further, Avni will call Neil and confront him that she needs his help at Ali’s café.

Also Neil will handcuff Avni after reaching there and binds her to a pole.

In upcoming track, Avni will free herself and runs from DD- Neil clutches.

Later, Neil will scold DD and thinks that Whether Avni has got kidnapped.

It would be interesting to see what will happen next in the show.

Stay tuned here for more exciting updates and upcoming twist in the show.

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