Centre aims to end no-fail policy for Class- 5-8 under Section 16 of RTE Act Latest News

Sunday, July 23 2017
Centre aims to end no-fail policy for Class- 5-8 under Section 16 of RTE Act

Center plans to introduce Bill in Lok Sabha aiming to end ‘No-detention or no-fail provision for Classes 5 to 8 under Section 16 of Right To Education (RTE) Act

Human Resource Development Minister Prakash Javedkar clarified in the Lok Sabha that the Government will soon introduce a bill in the Parliament to do away with the ‘No-detention- policy for Classes 5 to 8.

While explaining the provisions of the bill that the Government intends to bring to change the current policy he pronounced that the students of Classes 5 to 8 who do not pass the examination in the month of March will be given a chance in May. But if they fail in May, they will be detained.

Under the current ‘no-detention’ policy, all students are promoted to the next grade up to class 8.

The ‘no-detention’ or ‘no-fail’ provision, laid down under section 16 of the Right to Education (RTE) Act, prohibits schools from detaining or expelling any student up to Class 8. The policy had been brought as it was felt that compelling children to repeat a class was de-motivating, often them to abandon school. However, several states had raised concerns related to quality of education because of the ‘no-detention’ policy.

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